Our factory’s endowment consists in Arburg injection equipments from 25 up to 150 tonnes of closing force, and extruding-blowing equipments up to 1.5 L.

– Arburg 220-90-350 (year of manufacture 1990)

– Arburg 270D-500-90 (year of manufacture 1990)

– Arburg 320K-700-250 (year of manufacture 2003)

– Arburg 420C-1000-290 Golden Edition(year of manufacture 2006)

– Arburg 320C-500-170 Golden Edition(year of manufacture 2008)

– Arburg 470C-1500-400 Golden Edition(year of manufacture 2008)

The technologies we use allow us to make injected plastic components up to 250 g and extruded-blowed components up to 1.5 L.

We have the space for implementing assembly lines that involve the human factor in handling, assembling, verification, packing, etc.