Processing plastic parts portfolio


We produce over 120 injected or blowed parts for the customers in Romania or EU. Here are a few of them:

Beneficiary: Thyssen Krupp Bilstein Compa SA

Parts made through extruding-blowing with materials like PE HD PE LD, PP+EPDM, PP

Protection mantle for the tube damper – cylindric type

Conical or cylindric bellows (Faltenbalg in DE) for various types-dimensions.

Parts made through injection with materials like PP+15%FS and PP+30%FS, PA6+15%FS (fiber glass), PA6, PA6+30%GF:

Support buffer compression for various types-dimensions
It’s included in the dampers for car brands like BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Ford, Fiat both for first assembly and spare parts.

Elastic limitator for various types-dimensions.


Our major clients are :

Thyssen Krupp Bilstein Compa SA

Thyssen Krupp Bilstein Suspension GmbH      

Thyssen Krupp Bilstein Tuning GmbH

Thyssen Krupp Bilstein of America


Compa s.a Sibiu (Bosch project)